Role of Agency System Administrator:The Northwest Arkansas Head Start Senior Systems Administrator (SSA) is responsible for performing all operational processes and procedures and for ensuring that all IT services and infrastructures meet operational targets. The system administrator is expected to perform the installation, configuration and day-to-day tasks associated with ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of the Agency IT environment. This includes software installation and local configuration as well as operation support. In addition, the system administrator should understand the complexities of infrastructure design and maintenance, be able to analyze architecture and security issues, and perform advanced troubleshooting. A system administrator is also expected to identify performance bottlenecks and provide administrative solutions where appropriate. It is expected that the system administrator will be generally self-sufficient, and able to perform most of the tasks involved in his or her role with limited assistance from peers, product documentation, and vendor support services, even in complex situations.

Assumptions for other Administrators:Other Agency personnel are also designated as system administrators of applications from time to time as needed. It is assumed that the individual with System Administrator privileges has basic skills in the following areas:
  • Working knowledge of operating system platforms
  • Understanding of basic Internet concepts
  • Experience using a Web browser
  • Some Web Server administration skills
  • Some Server administration skills
  • Perform basic system management and maintenance
  • Perform basic performance tuning and troubleshooting
  • Define and set up basic appropriate backup and restore procedures