Can a copy of the family app., child app., etc. be copied blank to use to get information at enrollment? +

When you click on a child or family member in the Family Application portion of ChildPlus, look at the bottom of the screen and you should see a “Print Application Forms” link. Once you click on the Print Application Forms link and preview the results, be sure to use the arrows at the top to scroll through the pages. If you need a BLANK application, click on HELP, and the llok for the Paper Applications link in the middle of the help page.

#6 under child about insurance... The choices are SCHIP-State ins., combined Medicaid/state ins., Medicaid, none, other, and private. What do you put ArKids under? +

ArKids is a Combined Medicaid/State insurance.

Where can I find the latest definitions and instructions for the PIR? +

To find the latest updates to the PIR instructions please visit: The instructions will define each question including how to categorize ethnicity and race.