Head Start Performance Standard 1304.20(c)(5)

Related Forms:HS4-50 HS6-35

Head Start funds will be made available to families to cover the cost of medical and dental care on a case-by-case basis, when no other source of payment is available. The Child Development Specialist-Wellness must approve the treatment plan in advance for any costs that exceed $500. There is an upper limit on spending per child, of $1500, which can be exceeded only with written authorization of the Executive Director.


• The Local Program Director will be responsible for requesting Head Start payment requests. Children will be eligible for Head Start payment based on the following scenarios: 1. Child has Social Security Number and is over income, therefore not eligible for ARKids 1st. Documentation required: family income documentation, and/or a denial letter from ARKids 1st, and HS6-35.2. Child does not have a Social Security Number (not a US citizen), thus ineligible for ARKids 1st. Documentation required: family income documentation and HS6-35.3. Family over income for ARKids 1st and has private insurance. Documentation required: information about insurance benefits, family income documentation, and HS6-35.In addition, attempts to find other means of payment shall be documented using the HS4-50 (Kiwanis Clubs, Lions Clubs, Altrusa, Rotary, Churches, and First Call for Help. Contact other Community Groups or Health Professionals in your area.). No less than three attempts should be made to try to find other means of payment for these services. If you contact a group and do not hear back from them within 2 working days then move on to another contact. Head Start is the payer of last resort. • Once the Local Program Director has gathered the appropriate documentation, they should forward that information to the Child Development Specialist-Wellness, along with the child’s name, Medical or Dental Home, and the medical or dental care that is needed. • If there is no medical or dental home, the Child Development Specialist-Wellness will determine which provider to refer the child to, based on established agreements with medical and dental providers. • The Child Development Specialist-Wellness will submit a written authorization (or denial) to the Local Program Director for Head Start payment within one week, and then will work with the Local Program Director, family, and medical providers to make arrangements for billing and payment. • The Child Development Specialist-Wellness will work with the Accounting department to insure that Head Start payments do not exceed budgeted amounts.