The following step-by-step planning process uses multiple Head Start program data sources to informed program planning. The process can be used to determine specific program improvement/enhancement initiatives and/or for staff development purposes.

Step 1: Synthesize Data With management staff and other key decision makers in your program, gather information from Head Start data sources to inform your program planning. Individuals or teams review each data source and record statistics or facts that give information about the program without analyzing or drawing conclusions about what the data tells them. The data sources include:

  • Monitoring Results
  • Child Records and Outcome Data
  • Community Assessment
  • Family Partnership Records
  • Grant Application Budget Instrument (GABI)/Budgeting
  • National Reporting System (NRS)
  • Program Information Report (PIR)
  • Program Self-Assessment
  • Staff Performance Appraisals  


  • Advisory Committees
  • Training Evaluations
  • Parent Questionnaires