Our center continues to grow just as our community is. We have grown from serving 17 to 36 children and their families. Although our community has more than doubled in size, we are still a small community whose citizens are willing to help one another. Once a cow pasture, we now have houses and a rapidly developing residential area for neighbors. We are a State of Arkansas accredited child care facility. We strive to provide quality services to our community, children and their families. By providing these needed, quality services we help to ensure Pea Ridge Head Start children and their families succeed.


  • Beta Alpha: has been helping since Head Start opened in Pea Ridge. They help fill our want/need list every year.
  • VFW Members: provide our children with winter and spring baskets filled with a variety of items.
  • Brightwater Methodist Church: members stock our parent food pantry to overflowing and bring in paper products.
  • Bekaert Employees: provide food and winter needs for our families