NWAHS enjoys the support of many individual donors whose gifts, large and small, contribute vital resources to the program. In addition to many parent and grandparent volunteers, the program enjoys the participation of undergraduate and graduate student field placements, college and university faculty members, consultants from community agencies, junior high school and high school students, and interested community residents. We welcome volunteers who contribute valued services and expertise.

The majority of the Northwest Arkansas Head Start volunteer positions require a commitment of ongoing communication of your availability with the site director. Before completing an application, we ask that you read the Volunteer Handbook and review the Current Volunteer Wish List. You will be asked to specify the volunteer opportunity you are applying for on the application.

Please Note:

Do not complete an application if you are interested in volunteering in lieu of community service hours; or if you are looking for short-term or summer volunteer opportunities. We do not have the resources to offer these programs.

To volunteer your skills and services, please review the following criteria. If you meet the requirements, click the link below to access the application form.

  • If I become a volunteer, I agree to communicate with the center director regarding my availability.
  • As a volunteer, I will adhere to the guidelines outlined in the volunteer handbook, attend orientation, training and continuing education programs.
  • As a volunteer, I will be dependable, reliable and professional while representing the agency.
  • As a volunteer, I am providing my services gratuitously, I am not considered an employee of Northwest Arkansas Head Start, and I will not receive compensation or benefits of any kind.

By clicking the application download link you agree to the above conditions, to adhere to the volunteer code of conduct, and wish to proceed with completing an application. (If you agree but can not apply online, please call Amy Sasser at (479) 636-7317 or email asasser@nwaheadstart.org.)