45 CFR 1304.21, 1308.19, 1304.20(f)

Related Forms:HS3-11 Head Start Notice of Conference FormHSA-50 Waiver of Services

• All NWA Education Services Coop, OUR Coop or Bentonville Public School Individual Education Plans (IEP) must be reviewed by the multidisciplinary team at least once annually. The conference is scheduled based on a mutually agreed upon time by the Parent/Legal Guardian, Coop/School District, and Local Program Staff.

• The Local Program Director, Teacher or Home Visitor then contacts the Child Development Specialist-Education/Disabilities via e-mail or phone of the conference information. The Teacher/Home Visitor is also required to notify the Parent/Legal Guardian in writing of the conference date using the Head Start Notice of Conference form HS3-11. The Teacher/Home Visitor will send a copy of the HS3-11 to the Child Development Specialist-Education/Disabilities as soon as the Parent/Legal Guardian signs the Notice of Conference form and will file the original HS3-11 in the child’s folder. The information on the HS3-11 must be entered into COPA.

• The multidisciplinary team consists of:

Parent/Legal Guardian (and anyone else the Parent/Legal Guardian chooses to invite)Local Program Teacher/Home Visitor and/or Local Program DirectorChild Development Specialist-Education/Disabilities or DesigneeCoop/School District StaffAll person(s) deemed necessary

• All Due Process paperwork is completed at this conference by the Coop/School District and the multidisciplinary team. The Parent/Legal Guardian ALWAYS has the right to refuse the evaluations and to halt the process at any time. (If the Parent/Legal Guardian refuses services the Teacher/Home Visitor must have the Parent/Legal Guardian complete the Waiver of Service Form HSA-50. Teacher/Home Visitor will send the original to the Child Development Specialist-Education/Disabilities through the mail pouch and file a copy of the HSA-50 in the child’s folder)• The outcome of the Annual Review could be:

The creation of a new IEP because the team decides the child is still in need of Special Services. IEP dates must be entered into COPA.

The dismissal of the child from Coop/School District Special Services and the Head Start Disabilities area because the team decides the child no longer requires Special Services.