Head Start Performance Standards 1304.23(b)(1)(vi) & 1304.23(c)(4)

One day a month is to be designated to celebrate all birthdays for the month. The center kitchen may provide a cake for that day. For centers that have the Junior Auxiliary bring cake to celebrate birthdays, a second celebration is not needed. In the centers that do not have kitchens, a cake may be purchased at Wal-mart upon approval of a PO. According to the performance standard listed above, 3 to 5 year olds in a center based setting must be served food high in nutrients and low in fat, sugar, and salt.

Teachers may choose to have a “Me Day” for the child on his/her actual birthday which gives the child extra attention without being focused on food. Parents should not bring any food items to the center on their child’s birthday. On the child’s “Me Day”, the child will be given the opportunity to share something special about him/herself. Children with summer birthdays will be assigned a “Me Day” during the course of the year.

Examples of activities that your child may participate in during their “Me Day”:

• Making a family scrapbook/poster to share with the other students• Wearing a special birthday crown• Bringing in show and tell items to share at circle time• Acting as the classroom helper for the day• Parents eating lunch with child