Board Supervision of Executive Director



1. The governing board is responsible for the hiring and firing of the Executive Director:

1304.52(c) Early Head Start or Head Start director qualifications. The Early Head Start or Head Start director must have demonstrated skills and abilities in a management capacity relevant to human services program management.

2. The governing board is responsible for the annual performance appraisal of the Executive Director.

1304.52(i) Staff performance appraisals. Grantee and delegate agencies must, at a minimum, perform annual performance reviews of each Early Head Start and Head Start staff member and use the results of these reviews to identify staff training and professional development needs, modify staff performance agreements, as necessary, and assist each staff member in improving his or her skills and professional competencies.

o The board chairperson will initiate the annual performance appraisal in January.

o The appraisal tool and job description will be reviewed in February-March.

o The Executive Director will complete the appraisal tool in March-April and submit to the governing board.

o The governing board will convene to Executive Session and review and discuss the appraisal and instruct the board chairperson on any plan of action.

o The board chairperson will meet with the Executive Director to review the completed appraisal and the original will be filed in the Executive Director’s personnel file, any compensation changes will be documented on the HSP-46, and any professional development plan will be implemented between the Executive Director and the governing board.


3. The governing board chairperson will review and sign the Employee Information Sheet (HSP-46) for any compensation changes involving the Executive Director.

4. The governing board chairperson will review and approve/disapprove leave requests for the Executive Director.

5. The governing board has access to review the timesheets of the Executive Director.

6. The governing board check signers will be the two signers of any expense reimbursements for the Executive Director.