45 CFR Section 1304.21, 1304.23(b)(1)(vi) 1304.4e

In order for Head Start to honor the cultural and religious differences of families, we do not celebrate holidays in the centers. We will utilize the following guidelines for any classroom celebrations:

Guidelines• Although parent input is important, staff must ensure the appropriateness of all activities and help parents modify their suggestions when needed: safety, health, nutrition, and social-emotional appropriateness. It is the staff’s job to set boundaries for this kind of thing at the beginning of the year. • Explain to parents that you want them to save their personal resources to provide these things for their child's use at home and you will provide all they need at school...so every child has the same opportunities and resources to work with.

Food Served at Celebrations• Any food served during a celebration must be low in sugar, salt, fat and high in nutrients. Any food that does not meet these specifications should not be allowed into the center.• Parents should not be asked to bring items in. No sign up sheet should be posted. (Find ways to include parents in classroom activities that does not require them to buy things, explain that you want them to save their personal resources to provide these things for their child’s use at home.). • Never under any circumstance should homemade food be allowed into the center.• If snacks will be served, they should be served at a time when they will not effect a normal mealtime. • Failure to comply with this policy will lead to disciplinary action. Refer to the Personnel Policy Manual policy #290.

Ways to Celebrate Activities

• Seasons (changing of temperatures, available foods, clothing, time changes)• Children’s achievements both individually and collectively (learning the alphabet, address, phone number, etc.)• Pets (Chart who has what pet, does anyone live on a farm?)• Healthy Bodies (tooth loss, perfect attendance)• Literacy (Classroom volunteers, librarians, reading a certain number of books)• Relationships (Family, Friends, Community)

If you have any questions or concerns related to the policy, please direct them to the Center Director. The Director may then forward concerns to the Policy Council and/or Health Advisory Committee.