Head Start Performance Standards: 1304.21 1304.53

Procedure:Upon the completion of the school year, the following tasks must be completed:q All program year files must be organized, boxed, and labeled.q Classrooms cleaned and sanitized including but not limited to:q Tables, chairs, cots, toys, cabinets, floors, walls, shelves, windows, doors, carpets, ceiling.q Please use bleach solution to sanitize toys (do not run them through the dishwasher)q Launder all of the sheets and blankets, washable dramatic play materials, extra clothing maintained at the center, curtains.q Look at all furniture for any needed repairs. Put in work orders if needed.q Sort through classroom materials. (Books, toys, dramatic play materials, etc.) Any items with damage should be discarded, any extra materials should be forwarded to Agency Program Director-Education Specialist.q Remove all outdated materials or student work from wallsq Scrape and remove any adhesive from all surfaces.q Determine placement of your carpet for the next school year. It has to be in place prior to the floors being stripped and waxed.q After carpet has been placed, all cleaned and sanitized items are to be placed onto rug for floor stripping and waxing.q Find a home for any living items (Pets, Plants, Etc.)q Outdoor Cleanupq Make sure that all outdoor toys and equipment are cleaned.q Place all outdoor toys in storage.q Monitor the fence around playground to ensure that it is secure. Check to make sure that all gates are locked.q Make sure that outdoor storage units are secured/locked.q Pick up all trash, debris from playground and parking lot areas.q Storage Areasq Clean and organize all storage areas, located both inside and outside.q Inventory supplies (Kitchen, Classroom, Cleaning). Send inventories to appropriate Management Team Member at Central Office.q Kitchenq Clean and sanitize all kitchen equipment and materials. (floors, counters, ceilings, drawers, shelves, refrigerators, ovens, stove tops, freezers, milk machines, etc.)q Clean and open milk machinesq Leave appliances requiring defrosting open to avoid molding.q Discard or immediately forward any opened food items to Gentry or Hallie Martin, which ever is closest to your center.q Destroy outdated food items e.g. Can goods – over 2 years, dented, rusted; Frozen Items – over 1 year, freezer burn, open packagesq Schedule delivery of extra food items with Agency Program Director-Education Specialist.q Trashq Empty all trash receptacles and clean and sanitize the receptacles.q Empty all Bio Hazard containers.q Utilitiesq Please maintain your Thermostat at 76 degrees.q If your Water Heater has a vacation mode, please move it to that setting.q Monitor all plumbing to ensure that there are no visible leaks or running toilets.q Make sure that all lights are turned off, and that all non-essential appliances, electrical materials (surge protectors, etc.) commonly known as “Energy Vampires” are unplugged.ComputersMonitors


Fax Machines


Answering Machines

Cordless Phones




Clock Radios

DVD Players

Cable Box

VCR Player

Copy Machines

Coffee Pots


Washing Machines

CD Players

Clothes Dryers

There are appliances that are called “Energy Vampires”. These electrical products cannot be switched off completely without being unplugged. These products use electricity 24 hours a day in what’s called “Standby Mode.”

Standby power usage can be as high as 15 or 20 watts for each product, which is slightly more than the electricity used by a night light. This may not seem like much per each one, but when it’s added up in the U.S. alone more than $4 Billion dollars is spent on Standby Power each year.This is not an exhaustive list. Please make sure to take a last look around to address any other issues or concerns.