Center Preparation Procedures

Related Forms:HS3-1 HSA-1 HS3-21 HSA-2 HS3-23 HSA-24 HS3-3 HS9-3 HS3-52 HS6-6 HS3-10 HS6-12 HS4-3 HSF-4 HSS-3 HS4-15Procedure:

File Cabinets:Review Children’s Files: Review DEH/Learning Styles Intake for each child Review Temperament Assessment Form for each child Check Locator Cards HSA-1 for information Check for medicine usage and completed HS6-6 Check for special diet needs and ensure parent provides completed Dietary Prescription Form HS6-12 Check Nutrition Assessment, if appetite has changed, follow-up with parent Complete list of children with allergies and make copy for cook if needed Prepare classroom allergy lists confidentially Review legal documentation for children enrolled in centerClassroom: Bulletin Boards Child Names on: tables, chairs, helper chart, circle area, learning center name tags, name tags for children, toothbrushes labeled, cubbies labeled, etc.  Label classroom items and learning centers in both Spanish and English Child Names on cots, put clean sheets and blankets on cots (request new sheets and blankets if needed) Check quality of nutrition, safety posters, etc. and replace/request new if needed Gather art supplies needed Clean bathrooms, sinks, mirrors, etc., fill toilet paper/paper towels/soap, etc. Check barrier kits/first aid kits and replace items needed Prepare center signs/population guides/rebus pictures, classroom map, etc. Prepare height and weight chart Prepare child portfolios Prepare daily schedules, birthdays, children's names on classroom door, etc. Review lesson plan guides, pull items needed, update/complete HS3-10 including disability puzzles and sensory toys Review monitors (ECERS, indoor/outdoor, and safety) to check items Check target sound notebook, prepare Peabody Kit Ensure all Talk About Touching pictures are available, request replacements if needed Ensure plants are labeled Prepare pet cages, etc. Camera and film ready for pictures Make a list of volunteer opportunities Prepare cutouts and gather ideas for volunteer recognition Change batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors Clean air conditioner filters

Classroom Paperwork: Fill out Attendance Report COPA Prepare Sign In Sheets COPA Prepare sign out sheets for therapy Prepare Contact Logs HS4-3 Prepare Volunteer In-kind Sheets HSF-4 Pull a LAP-D Scoring Sheet HS3-3 for each child, complete what you can Place first letter to parents in cubbies Place Monthly Participation Worksheet HS9-3 behind Attendance Report HSA-2 Prepare Visitor Sign-In sheets

This is not an exhaustive list. Please make sure to address any more tasks specific to your center.

Center: Complete Indoor/Outdoor Checklist (Monitor playground, check sand boxes, look for wasps, snakes, etc.) Complete OSHA Monitor HSS-3 Check all areas for unapproved chemicals (drawers, cabinets, storage, etc.) Tally Parent Meeting Topic Survey HS4-15

Upcoming Responsibilities: Prepare Home Visit Forms HS3-21 and HS3-21HB and handouts Prepare items needed for First Parent/Teacher Conferences

Cooks: Inventory/food order Wash utensils, plates, glasses Throw out outdated food Arrange pantry Make menu substitutions

Posted Items:Classroom: Sample of Children’s Self-Portraits Children’s Artwork Height and Weight Charts Poster/Pictures Representing: Cultures/Ethnic Groups/Disabilities/Health Related Men Interacting with Children Children’s Photographs Large Print Daily Schedule That Can be Read From Anywhere in the Room Staff Credentials Literacy Materials Learning Center Signs/Population Guides 1 – Visual Hand washing Procedure at Sink Fire/Storm Emergency Procedures and Exit Route Perfect Attendance Exits Marked Universal Precautions - Adult Level  Emergency Medical Treatment Posters (Dental/First Aid/CPR) - Adult Level

Circle: Helper Chart Unit/Discussion Board Weather Chart Classroom Rules Rainy Day Activities Daily Schedule Calendar Preposition List Weekly Education Plan HS3-10 Weekly Education Schedule HS3-52 Talking About Touching Pictures Target Sounds Core Knowledge Posters Written Menu

Playground: Playground Rules Locks on Gates

Kitchen: Health Inspections Food Permit Special Dietary Prescriptions-Confidential Freezer/Refrigerator Logs