Child Outcome ProcedureCFR 1304.20(d), 1304.20(e), 1304.21, ACYF-IM-HS-00-18Head Start Child Outcomes FrameworkRelated Forms:

HS3-10 Weekly Education Plan

· The Agency Program Director-Education Specialist will select an ongoing formal assessment tool that addresses the 8 domains and 13 mandatory elements/indicators.o The assessment tool will be appropriate to the children’s ages, language, culture and special needs. · Adequate training will be provided to education staff in ongoing child assessment. · All children in the agency, including children with disabilities, will be included in the assessment process.o Accommodations for children with special needs will be made when necessary· Assessment 1 is completed as close to the beginning of the year as possible. Assessment 2 is completed around mid-year. Assessment 3 is completed as late in the year as possible.· Teachers/Home Visitors are responsible for imputing assessments into the computer. (Refer to Lap-D Procedure)· Local Program Directors and Teacher/Home Visitors monitor Outcome Data through Classroom, Center and Agency Outcome Reports.· The Agency Program Director-Education Specialist monitors Outcome Data through Agency and Center Outcome Reports. (Classroom Outcome Reports are monitored on an as needed basis) · Center and Classroom Outcome Reports are provided to Local Programs three times a year (beginning, middle and end of the program year). o The data will be used to: (Refer to Lap-D Procedure)§ Develop Weekly Education Plans HS3-10§ Set goals for each child§ Determine the strengths/needs of the center/classroom/child§ Assist parents in understanding their child’s development§ Analyze the differences between assessments 1, 2 and 3· Agency Outcome Reports will be printed and analyzed by the Agency Program Director-Education Specialist.o The data will be shared with:§ Local Programs§ Management Team§ Executive Director§ Policy Council§ Governing Board§ Community Agencies (by request)o The data will be used to:§ Purchase educational materials for Local Programs§ Determine Training/Technical Assistance needs for the upcoming year§ Analyze the differences between assessments 1, 2 and 3· Child outcome results will be utilized in the program self-assessment and program improvement planning.