Head Start Performance Standard 1304.23

Children who have food allergies and/or dietary restrictions will be accommodated.

Related Forms:HS6-12HSA-7

Procedure:• If a child requires a special diet due to a medical reason or a religious preference, the person completing the registration will have the parent fill out and sign the HS6-12 (Special Diet form) and the HSA-7 (Release of Information) form. • An authorized medical professional or a religious clergy must sign the Special Diet form.• If requesting a special diet for medical reasons the request will be honored immediately. The parent/guardian has 2 weeks from the date of request to provide the written documentation to the staff. If no written documentation is obtained, the child will be given regular meals after the 2-week period. • When a special diet request is made, the Local Program Director is to notify the Child Development Specialist-Wellness and forward a copy of all written documentation (special diet form) to the central office upon receipt. A copy of the special diet form must be posted in the kitchen, classroom, and in the child’s file. • For children with diets that require a significant amount of monitoring and extra preparation from the kitchen, special menus will be written by the Child Development Specialist-Wellness and the dietitian for cooks to follow. • The special diet form must include information on why the special diet is needed, the foods to eliminate (be specific), and what alternate foods to provide. If a special food replacement is required, Head Start will provide the necessary item(s).• If more information is needed on the specifics of the diet, the HSA-7 (Release of Information) can be sent to the authorized physician. • Lists of food allergies are to be posted in each classroom and in the kitchen. These forms should be on a clipboard with a confidential cover on top. • If a center receives its food from a school or satellite kitchen, all food substitutions and allergies must be posted in the kitchen where the food is received. • The teachers and/or the Local Program Director must inform substitutes about each child’s dietary restrictions. Food deliveries should be checked daily to ensure that food has been planned for any special diets at the site. • The Child Development Specialist-Wellness will coordinate with the family, staff and other consultants to assure that any needed follow-up occurs. • If additional information is needed beyond what is outlined on the HS6-12 (Special Diet form), center staff will receive verbal and written education from the Child Development Specialist-Wellness and/or the dietitian on the food allergies and any signs/symptoms to be aware of.