Northwest Arkansas Head Start Human Services, Inc.Portfolio Procedure45 CFR 1304.21, 1304.21(c)(1)(i), 1304.21(c)(2)Portfolios should contain:
  • Work products that demonstrate each child’s growth and progress over time
  • Anecdotal notes regarding behavior or learning needs/accomplishments
  • Observations regarding outcomes and individualization


Portfolio Contents and General Plan:
  • Photo of child (2 times a year) active in a center, date and write comments
  • Self portrait (3 to 4 times a year) date and write child’s name
  • Name writing sample (3 to 4 times a year) date and write child’s first name for child to use as a model, first letter upper case and remaining letters lower case if child masters first name then add last name
  • Art or Writing sample (monthly) examples for writing sample…letters of the alphabet or numbers written by the child, date and write child’s name
  • Observations (domains/indicators…monthly)
  • Anecdotal notes (jotting…weekly)
  • Early Language and Literacy Checklist (completed in Nov & April)
  • Completed LAP-D work such as the diamond cutting sheet, etc.
  • Provide all contents of Portfolio to Parent/Legal Guardian upon completion of school year


Who is Responsible for Completing Portfolios:
  • Teacher (Sept-May)
  • Teacher Aide (Sept-May)


Who is Responsible for Monitoring Portfolios:
  • Local Program Directors (Portfolio Content Checklist)
  • Agency Program Director-Education Specialist or Management Team (General Field Monitor)




Note: Refer to your National Head Start STEP Teacher’s Manual for examples.