Vanguard should be done within 3 days after the pay date:

Retrieve the Payroll Summary and use this as a guide, enter Gross Pay into Vanguard,(do not include the 80 fringe), Computation Sheet located in the H: Drive-Accounting-Payroll. Go to current year. Go to Master Payroll Listing. Enter Gross Pay Hourly Wage. After inputting all of the employees and their pay, save new listing as the next payroll. IE PP 10, 12 etc. Move new excel sheet to the Vanguard folder.


Retrieve the Payroll Summary and use this as a guide.

1. Insert a row title Bolded “Vanguard PP# ,PE Date, PD Date2. Save as an Excel file in the Vanguard YEAR folder, look at other files for name format “PR # VANGUARD”3. Hide pay column (gross pay).4. Sort the report by employee last name.5. Delete the employees that do not qualify for Vanguard.a. Employees are eligible for Vanguard when they hit his/her two-year anniversary by the pay date.b. Look at hire dates and last excel report for reference.c. If employee is eligible to contribute to Vanguard (one year of employment) but is not eligible to receive employer contributions, the employee can stay on the report, but delete the amount in the ER cell because the employer does not have to pay that amount yet.d. When Vanguard is paid online: even if someone is eligible but does not have an account set up, we still have to cut a check for their account (employer contribution). The check has to be cut within the month they become eligible. Cut the check to Vanguard. The check should be sent in with the enrollment papers for the employee. (Hold the check until then if possible). Make sure the employee wants to enroll before cutting a check. Send a letter with the check stating that the enclosed check represents employer contributions to the new account that have not yet been paid. Be sure to state the tax here in the letter. Don’t send off the salary reduction form, it is for our payroll records.6. Double check for employees who are eligible to receive employer contributions that do not have accounts set up yet

7. Run totals for each column. a. Total each rowb. Run a grand totalc. Bold the totalsd. Take the amounts of those people who are eligible that do not have accounts and put the total under the totals column.8. Compare names and totals to last A/P record and excel report.a. Get the last Vanguard A/P file and report to look at for easy reference or look at previous period reports in Vanguard folder on the computer.9. Compare names on online Vanguard report with excel spreadsheet. Some employees may have different last names on these reports, make the excel spreadsheet match the online report.10. Print the report.

Vanguard payment procedures: PLAN #214951. Pay after the pay date.a. Everything that is expensed in one month must be paid that month.2. Go online to Vanguard website: User name and password are in white binder.a. Click Manage Contributionsb. Current Tax yearc. Check Amounts for both columnsi. Make adjustments as necessary.ii. Save as a draft, select yes if replacing existing informationiii. Hit ok on draft confirmationiv. Manage contributionsv. Click continue at bottom of pagevi. Print “verify contribution pagevii. Hit edit to fix mistakesviii. Hit print3. Compare the total s of both columns from the Vanguard Excell spreadsheet before issuing a checka. Submit then print confirmation pages.b. Put confirmation in front of reportc. Now ready to process as a check.4. The information is now saves as a draft.a. Exit the program until the funds are available.5. Process a check for Vanguard.a. Write E-Payment on the check with a highlighter.b. This check is not to be mailed: it just needs to be signed and authorized and then the signature line needs to be removed.


1. Insert a row to type in a bolded title: “AFLAC PR # PE DATE PD DATE”2. Save as an Excel file in the AFLAC YEAR folder: “PR # AFLAC”3. Total each column.4. Print the report.5. Compare both pay periods on the bill: bill notification received by email.

AFLAC Payment Procedures

To be paid at the end of the month after both pay periods are ended and processed. Employee deduction procedures Account # CB3241. AFLAC has an Internet billing service. a. Click on the link on the bill.b. Enter the USER name and password (in white binder)2. AFLAC has two accounts: Life insurance and Disability Insurance.a. Life insurance is paid once a month. b. Disability insurance is paid once a month thru payroll deductions. Because NWA Head Start is on a 9 month billing cycle. There will be 3 months that no deductions will be made and no bill will be sent. For those months that have 3 pay periods in the month the last pp SHOULD NOT HAVE ANY DEDUCTIONS TAKEN OUT OF THEM.3. Employees Totals are taken from the payroll deduction.a. We can adjust the amount on the bill.b. If someone is no longer with us, then a reason will need to be selected.c. Jennifer Hansen (our AFLAC rep) will send the Human Resource Dept the information regarding new people to add to the account and any payroll deduction changes.i. To add a person “Add Invoice Line”d. Print the statement after checking the invoice.e. Review the statement.f. Save changes as you go along in the statement.i. You can log out and go back in after saving.g. Once statement has been reviewed and is correct:i. Hit “submit for payment” this is not an electronic payment.ii. Print payment coupon.iii. Process check through A/Piv. Mail and attach coupon to check.

Life Insurance Procedures: CB2351. Check to make sure all employees listed are still active.a. If an employee is in-active, delete the amount listed.b. Add employees to this list when they are no longer on probation. c. Submit changes.h. Print the statement after checking the invoice.i. Review the statement.j. Save changes as you go along in the statement.i. You can log out and go back in after saving.k. Once statement has been reviewed and is correct:i. Hit “submit for payment” this is not an electronic payment.ii. Print payment coupon.iii. Process check through A/Piv. Mail and attach coupon to check.