NWAHSHS implements Creative Curriculum (http://teachingstrategies.com/curriculum/) which consistent with the Head Start Program Performance Standards including ACYF-IM-HS-00-18 (08/10/00) and is based on sound child development principles about how children grow and learn.

The objectives of the curriculum are to:

  • Provide children with a learning environment and the varied experiences that help them develop socially, intellectually, physically, and emotionally in a manner appropriate to their age and stage of development toward the overall goal of social competence.
  • Integrate the educational aspects of the various Head Start components in the daily program of experiences.
  • Involve parents in educational activities of the program to enhance their role as the principle influence on the child’s education and development.
  • Assist parents to increase knowledge, understanding, skills and experience in child growth and development.
  • Identify and reinforce experiences that occur in the home that parents can utilize as educational activities for their children.
  • Provide services that are multicultural and meet the special needs of all children.
Weekly Education Schedule

The Weekly Education Schedule is designed to help teachers provide an environment where children’s natural curiosity can develop into a practical and on-going knowledge base. It’s a method of organizing learning materials and activities to meet the needs and interests of Head Start children. Each unit is outlined to include concepts, objectives, vocabulary, open-ended questions, learning and mental health activities. Each week, teachers develop a lesson plan that teaches particular thematic concepts.