Children do best in life when they grow up with the active, positive involvement of both a mother and father. Whatever the measure—physical and emotional health, educational achievement, behavior, substance abuse, crime or delinquency—children are more likely to lead healthy, productive lives when both their mother and father are actively involved in their lives in positive ways. This is because moms and dads tend to parent differently, at least in some important ways, and their complimentary parenting skills and attitudes combine to give children the best environment in which to grow up healthy and successful.

Parent Involvement means that families take an active role in their child’s education and development, helping to make decisions about their program in partnership with other parents, staff and program coordinators. The contribution of family experience, perspective and participation is of tremendous value to Head Start Programs. When parents and teachers work well together, everyone benefits. Parents and teachers can provide each other with unique insight and different perspectives about the same child, culminating in a more complete understanding of that child, her abilities, strengths, and challenges. The teacher will know much more about the curriculum and the school culture, while you know more about your child's personality, tendencies, and family life. A successful parent-teacher partnership also shows a child that an entire team of adults is on her side.

It is the goal of our agency to:

  • Involve parents in educational activities of the program to enhance their role as the principal influence on their children's education and development.
  • Ensure parent participation in developing the education services plan and in center, classroom, and home-based program activities.
  • Include parents in the development of the curriculum and the health, education, and nutritional services of the program. Involve parents in meeting the parent involvement objectives that require programs to provide different opportunities for parent participation and direct involvement in decision making in program planning and operations.

We are committed to providing quality services to our child and we look forward to working with our parents as their child’s primary educator.

Services include:

  • Parent Meetings
  • Fatherhood Events
  • Transition Activities
  • Volunteer Opportunities